Results for the last
12 months


training days completed


Top Ratings: 98.5% of participants give top ratings to our development programmes and open courses –  Good (18.3%),  Very Good (80.2%).


Expectations fulfilled: 99.5% of participants found their expectations realised or surpassed – Met (35.4%), Exceeded (64.0%).

Experience and feedback over the last 25 years have shown that our clients come to us and stay working with us for the following reasons:

We offer value based solutions, not off-the-shelf packages

We are effective at developing plans and programmes for organisations, teams and individuals that bring about transformational development and sustainable change in people. We are at our best when we partner with our clients to understand the business context, their objectives and the outcomes desired.

We teach what to do and how to do it

Our trainers are selected for their ability to teach. As tutors, they are able to draw out the very best is those they teach, empowering them and taking pride in their achievements. Working mostly with small groups, they are able to provide a great deal of individual attention focusing on participants’ personal objectives and the real-life scenarios they face in their careers, with lots of individual coaching and feedback.

We listen first, and then we develop an action plan

We invest in client relationships for the longer term. We are always keen to clarify expectations and explore likely outcomes on each new assignment. We spend time learning and like to stay current with each client’s business and industry. We are always happy to share ideas and discuss alternative approaches with clients.

Extensive and varied experience

Over the last 25 years we have worked with hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals. From graduates to senior directors, start ups to multinationals, and the public sector as well as charities. The leadership team has a wealth of experience in developing people who work in all kinds of organisations and situations.

Why J&C

We are happy to provide client references and let them tell you about their experiences of working with Jo Ouston & Co