Development is necessary at any stage of a career –
to move ahead or just simply stay up to date

It’s about developing the capabilities to move from where you are now to where you want to be. The focus varies with ‘age and stage’ – with personal circumstances and with the level in the organisation.

We always start with client needs. Whatever solution we put forward is designed to achieve the objectives of Management, Business Partners or Learning & Development specialists. We are flexible in our response and can work in a variety of ways to meet specific development needs in the UK, in Europe or further afield.

We regularly work in three broad areas:

  • Emerging Talent

    Graduates recruits or management trainees are generally exposed to broad experience on joining an organisation before they begin to advance in a specific function.

    The types of development we provide at this level include: Increasing your Personal Impact, Developing Personal Presence and Building Winning Relationships.

  • Management

    With seniority comes specialisation. Those who are rising though the ranks generally build their experience in a particular function – for example, marketing, finance, production or logistics. To be effective, they need to acquire technical knowledge and experience. They also need to build capabilities such as management skills or soft skills such as the ability to influence others with their ideas.

    We often add value at this level with programmes that include:  Developing Personal Presence, Influencing with Integrity and Gaining Buy-in.

  • Leadership

    Those aspiring to leadership positions again need to find a new way of operating. They need to broaden their view beyond their own specialist function to have a perspective on the needs of the organisation as a whole. They are necessarily less hands-on and need to inspire rather than manage.

    We often help individuals to make the transition through programmes such as Developing Personal Presence, Leadership programmes and individual skills coaching.