We all come into the world with presence but so often we lose it

Jo Ouston & Co pioneered the Developing Personal Presence course to enable individuals to rediscover how to be present and to make fuller use of their innate capabilities.

Presence is a natural, unforced quality that arises from a combination of self-awareness, personal value systems and effective behaviour. When you are open and engage people, they can see who you are and what you are made of. They may not agree with everything you say but they will understand your intention, know that you are real and sincere.

It’s not an act

Presence is not about putting on an act but about being more truly ourselves. Our belief in ourselves and what we are saying, our integrity and our intentions can all be read in our non-verbal behaviours – our physical stability, posture, breathing, facial expression, instinctive use of personal space, the energy we display and more.

The ‘what’ and the ‘how’

‘What’ we say and ‘how’ we say it need to be aligned if others are to put their trust in us. The ‘what’ is relatively straightforward but how we say it and communicate our true belief in what we say is not. Being true to ourselves is something we cannot fake.

Authority and gravitas

People follow those who they feel have a genuine, heartfelt intention. Leaders with presence have authority and gravitas. They are authentic, comfortable in their own skin. They draw others towards them, put them at ease and enable them to feel confident and willing to contribute. They are instinctively trusted.

Developing Personal Presence training can make a huge difference to how we are seen by others, to what we can achieve and to overall career success.