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Sales: what everyone should know

Sales are the lifeblood of any commercial organization - until products are sold, they are just costs. Selling is the magic breath that gives life to every other business activity.
July 19, 2017/by Jo Ouston
The second curve of reinvention

The Second Curve

You always need to be prepared to reinvent what you do - ready to start a second curve
May 10, 2017/by Jo Ouston
creative thinking

Creative Thinking

When do you get your most creative ideas? Not when trying too hard. It's calm reflection that allows creative ideas to bubble up.
July 19, 2016/by Jo Ouston

Talking up Empathy

Everywhere people are immersed in their mobile devices - at work, on the street and with friends. This is not altogether a good thing.
April 22, 2016/by Jo Ouston
face-to-face meeting

Face-to-Face – the Killer App

The internet facilitates transactions around the globe but face-to-face contact is still vital to build relationships and trust
April 19, 2016/by Jo Ouston
old technology that still works

Dumbphone vs Smartphone

Technology that should save us time and make us more productive often slows us down
March 15, 2016/by Jo Ouston

Being alive to the present

It takes presence of mind to perceive the world accurately and respond appropriately to whatever is before us.
March 3, 2016/by Jo Ouston

Working in China

Andrew Sharratt talks to Gillian Hughes about his experience of working in China as an Interim Manager
October 29, 2015/by Jo Ouston
Escher - Day and Night

Developing Perspective

Others have different ways of seeing the world. Widen your own understanding by considering their distinct perspectives
October 12, 2015/by Jo Ouston
Puzzled man

What are you on about?

To influence others, get your point across or give instructions, you have to address them in a way that they can understand.
September 15, 2015/by Jo Ouston
Share Radio logo

Jo Ouston on Share Radio

Journalist Linda Lewis recently profiled Jo Ouston & Co for Share Radio. The podcast features Jo Ouston, trainers and staff.
February 23, 2015/by Jo Ouston
A Jack-in-the-box - creates impact but not empathy.

From Impact to Empathy

Making an impact is all very well, but what are you going to do when you’ve got their attention? What's your point?
January 22, 2015/by Jo Ouston
Resilient Tree

Recession, Recovery, Resilience

Having the resilience to survive recession and handle recovery may mean reassessing some cherished beliefs
November 28, 2014/by Jo Ouston

Emotional Intelligence – in Davos?

Emotional Intelligence is almost always a better predictor of success than IQ alone ... and it can be developed.
November 28, 2014/by Jo Ouston

What is personal presence?

It's that natural, unforced quality we recognise in people who are confident and comfortable in their own skins.
November 27, 2014/by Jo Ouston
Tightrop walker - build a career on the talent that you have

Talent – the Golden Thread

Often we take for granted our talents yet they provide vital clues to how we can best build rewarding and successful careers.
November 27, 2014/by Jo Ouston
colleagues ata window - a sense of self underpins relationships

A Sense of Self

Self-awareness and knowing what matters to us is key to building work relationships, particularly in leadership roles
November 27, 2014/by Jo Ouston
Genuine stamp

Personal Presence – the real thing

People who have personal presence do not put on an act. Their strength comes from being more truly themselves.
November 27, 2014/by Jo Ouston
cartoon characters climbing career ladders

Do I need a career plan?

A career plan has its place in developing a career … but to provide a sense of direction rather than a fixed route.
November 27, 2014/by Jo Ouston
Man in a washing machine - recruiting processes are increasingly mechanical

Recruiting: Beyond Dumb Process

Recruiting has been turbo-charged by technology but with no guarantee of better results for either employer or individual.
November 27, 2014/by Jo Ouston
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